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West Midlands Koi supplies quality Japanese koi and related products.

We stock dry goods from the biggest names in the business, whilst being the UK’s sole retailer for the AquaKing Red Label range. We are also the UK’s only stockist of EZ-Pond, holding numerous tanks on site, as well as having a state-of-the-art showroom to display the tanks in all their glory, full of stunning koi! Our showroom is located in beautiful surroundings, and we would encourage anyone with an interest in koi to pay a visit.

After all, words can only say so much…

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The Home of AquaKing Red Label and the EZ-Pond…

Aquaking Red Label

High-quality filter systems for ponds of all sizes

EZ – Pond

The UK’s leading fibreglass tank manufacturers

Bespoke Pond Projects

Managing Director Lee Essex has spent decades working in the construction industry with his own company. His knowledge of construction and keen eye for detail means when it comes to planning, building and stocking your dream pond, Lee’s the man who can make it happen.