Our Story

Our background

I’ve been a koi hobbyist for many years, and whilst running a busy construction company, I realised that koi were my source of relaxation and downtime. I decided to form West Midlands Koi in 2018, slowly building premises I could be proud of. My goal was to realise a facility that expressed my passion for koi and construction, somewhere I could spend many pleasant hours enjoying my work. Somewhere that (hopefully) gave my visitors the ‘wow factor.’ 

I have a simple ethos. To let my work, products and koi do the talking. 

Our reputation is built on customer recommendations, and because of this, I take great pride in offering exceptional customer service. West Midlands Koi is not a cold ‘brand’ we’re a family-run business that wants to connect with our customers and help them on their journey in the hobby. 

Why not call 07791 655 595 or email me to arrange a visit? 

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Kind Regards,