About AquaKing Red Label

Aquaking is proud to introduce you to its high-quality filter systems, the Red Label Series.

The foundation of these filter solutions consists of the already famous Red Label drum filter. This drum filter from the Netherlands is made of Polypropylene (PP) and with its 70 micron screen cloth is the best mechanical filtration imaginable. High-quality innovative solutions within this drum filter combined with an extremely high ease of operation make this drum filter unparalleled.

The ideal extension of the Red Label drum filter is the Red Label moving bed filter for the necessary perfect biological filtration of your pond water. This combination is in such a way that a stable bacterial culture is guaranteed and the breakdown of harmful substances is optimal.

The Red Label Series are powered by the extremely energy-efficient Red Label pumps. These low-maintenance and durable pumps are the appropriate driving force for every system due to their adjustable capacity. The Red Label Series have been developed with years of experience, the most modern techniques and the best professional materials. All products within the Red Label series aim to ensure perfect water quality in a simple and reliable way.

The Red Label Series offer a complete, optimal and appropriate solution for every situation.

How does a Red Label Drum Filter work?

A drum filter is a mechanical pre-filter that can filter very fine pollution (up to 70 microns) from a water stream in a simple way. The water flows gravity into the filter and flows through the gauze cloth through the gauze cloth on which the dirt remains. With a certain degree of contamination, the gauze cloth will sloam, allowing less water to pass through. On the outside of the gauze cloth, the water level will therefore drop into the filter. When the water falls below a set level, it is “seen” by a pressure sensor and a flush cycle takes effect. A drive motor ensures that the drum starts to rotate whereby the screen cloth is sprayed through a 5 bar spray pump via spray heads. The nozzles spray the water with the dirt from the outside of the sieve into a drain gutter. This contaminated water is drained via the gutter to the sewer. The flow of the screen cloth has been restored in this way, raising the water level in the filter. After this, the entire cycle repeats itself.

This system ensures that the water leaving the filter does not contain particles of dirt larger than the openings in the screen cloth or 70 micrometers. Removing even finer dirt particles is not desirable because it adversely affects the biological filter operation of the following elements of your filter line.

How does a Red Label Moving Bed Filter work?

The ideal extension of the Red Label Drum Filter is the Red Label Moving Bed Filter. After removing the coarse dirt through the drum filter, the water ends up in this biological filter. In this filtering phase, the water is brought into contact with bacteria that grow on a plastic material, the so-called Biocarrier. The amount of Biocarrier to be used depends on the amount of waste that the filter is processed. The Biocarrier is kept in motion in the filter by air, fed by 2 air tubes. An optimal processing of waste by the bacteria in the biofilm requires a certain degree of ‘pollution’. As a result, it is not desirable for the pre-filter (drum filter) to catch all dirt smaller than 70 microns. The Red Label Moving Bed Filters are supplied with air pipes and Biocarrier. The combinations of Red Label Drum Filter and Red Label Moving Bed Filter are matched in such a way that a stable bacterial culture is guaranteed and the breakdown of harmful substances is optimal.

Advantages of Red Label Drum Filters.

Flexible plug & play setup..

Very high quality materials stainless steel and polypropylene (PP).

Spray nozzles with quick release.

Integrated high-pressure spray pump of 5 bar.

Sieve panels with 70 micron stainless steel mesh.

Drive motor 60Nm.

Drain gutter with angle of inclination for better drainage to sewer.

Heavy quality intermediate screen suitable for larger pumping capacities.

Completely manufactured in the Netherlands.

Advantages of Red Label Control Cabinet.

Fully automatic.

Automatically restarts after power outage.

Digital multilingual description in Dutch, French, German and English.

Pressure sensor-controlled flush intervals.

Adjustable water level.

Built-in dry running protection for pump safety.

Manual operation turn and rinse.

Magnetic protection on the lid.

Modular structure allowing parts to be quickly interchangeable.

CE quality mark and 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, excl. sieve elements.