Our Showroom

Our Facility.

West Midlands Koi’s main fish house was built around offering a high-quality showroom to display the extensive range of EZ-Ponds we stock and to provide high-performance environments in which our koi for sale could thrive.

We’re confident there aren’t many koi facilities like this one.

Each tank on-site runs a slightly different configuration of filtration and equipment. It’s another unique touch that we’re quite proud of. It enables us to walk koi-keepers through various options to find what suits their hobby and budget. We believe that with a little guidance, the koi hobby can be accessible to everyone.

Alongside our main fish house, we also have an outdoor sales area running larger ponds with various filtration configurations. Plus, a state-of-the-art quarantine facility. The latter enables us to safely quarantine all new koi in a controlled environment which is closed to the public (when in use).

For a more detailed look around, why not check out the video below, or arrange a viewing?

As Allan says in the video, the kettle is always on!