Bacto Plus Filter Start Gel


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Bactoplus Filter Start 2500ml

Bactoplus Filter Start is a composition of live bacteria that has been specially developed for the maintenance of the filter with a nitrifying effect that ensures that all harmful substances are converted into harmless substances. The gel ensures a good adhesion, so that the bacteria can adhere better to filter material.

The advantages of Bactoplus Filter Start are a faster functioning of the biological system, clearer water and an increased resistance and reduced stress level of your fish. In addition, feeding your fish can be started earlier in the spring by using Bactoplus Filter Start.

Bactoplus bacteria are contained in a special storage/feeding liquid so that it can be kept for a longer period of time.

  • Bactoplus bacteria shorten the start-up time of a filter system. What normally takes ± 6/8 weeks, you now shorten 3 to 4 weeks with an up temperature.
  • Bactoplus bacteria already work from 6 degrees. This allows your filter to be started early in the spring.
  • Bactoplus bacteria secrete a specific odor in the bottle. This does not affect the functioning of the bacteria.
  • Bactoplus bacteria are 100% natural and contain no chemicals and are pathogen free. Keep out of reach of children.

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