Bakki Shower 3 Tier


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JS Bakki shower filter

This design has been fully optimised for performance with the spray bar pre drilled so that you will get a good spread of water covering a lot of media. The three tiers come with 12mm mesh bottoms for extra strength, helping to create maximum performance, far superior than just drilled holes.

Wier has an angled front to improve flow back in the pond.

Each tier is oversized for extra airflow and comes with a pre-formed weir tier. All joints are hand welded for that extra strength. A long time of testing has gone in to these showers perfecting there biological filtration potential.

No media included

Media is placed in trays and the water pumped to the top of the filter and crashes through the media, eventually flowing back to the pond. This gives excellent biological filtration and superior aeration.

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600mm, 800mm, 1000mm


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