Oase AutoFill Kit


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The Oase Auto Fill Kit is a simple solution for automatically topping up a water feature sump or pump chamber. Evaporation or “splash out” can cause the water level within your pond or water feature to fall over time. With the installation of an Auto Fill Kit which is connected to a mains water supply, small amounts of water can be added at a time reducing the need for manual top-ups.

The Oase Auto Fill Kit uses a simple and reliable “toilet cistern” type float valve which can be fitted to the flat surface of a plastic reservoir (through a 22mm diameter hole) and then connected to a mains water feed pipe.

The Oase Auto Fill Kit Includes:
• A float valve with a range of 38 – 45 mm between the lowest and the highest level water points
• A “Snap” type hose connector

Oase Auto Fill Kit Technical Limits
• Maximum water pressure : 5 bar (72 PSI)
• Maximum flowrate 340 litres per hour (75 gallons per hour)

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