Oase DuoBoost 5 cm 250 ml


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DuoBoost has been specially developed to support pond biology. It consists of two complementary phases of action:

  • The first phase of action is a gel that is placed straight in the pond or the filter chamber. This gel is a highly active fluid containing enzymes and bacteria that removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite. The filter bacteria are activated at the same time.
  • The second phase of action is a ball measuring 2 cm or 5 cm in diameter that dissolves over time, releasing important trace elements, cosubstrates, minerals and valuable additives that are otherwise difficult to put into an artificial pond. If required, you can repeat treatment with DuoBoost several times a year.

Both phases lay the foundations for achieving clear, healthy water and exceptional pond biology. If the water is green, however, you should use a UVC clarifier to remove the algae causing the problem.

The gel and balls can be placed straight in the filter or the pond. The balls will dissolve completely over time. If the pond contains fish, place the balls in the enclosed net before using them

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