Oase SwimSkim Pond Skimmer 25


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Leaves, pollen or other algae nutrients get into pond water via the surface. OASE skimmers powerfully and effectively pull this debris from the surface into the collection basket. Thus the debris is removed from the pond Eco-system before it stresses the pond. The result is clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through a reduced nutrient balance.

The Oase SwimSkim 25 is suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 25m² and comes complete with a built in powerful 2500 LPH circulation pump. The SwimSkim includes an injector that enriches the pond with oxygen and a fine foam for mechanical/biological filtration. Other advantages of the SwimSkim 25 include ice prevention through continuous water movement, easy maintenance thanks to the removable collection basket and automatic adjustment to any water level.


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