Seneye Pond Pack V6


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The cloud interface is an advanced web dashboard that you can view from anywhere. It is perfect to monitor your pond on the move or just look to see what is trending. Seneye can help guard your fish from the devastating effects of ammonia poisoning, as well as harmful swings in pH, temperature and water level. Alert levels can be edited via the cloud to allow world-wide warnings via email and SMS. Protect your koi pond 24hours a day.

Key Features:

  • Benefits of Seneye pond
  • Saves your investment in koi
  • Works day and night to test your water
  • SMS and email alerts when things go wrong
  • Records 1500 monthly readings of each parameter
  • Full history online graphs
  • Advice and help from our answers website
  • Great technical support team

Seneye monitors:

  • Free ammonia (nh3)*
  • Ph*
  • Temperature
  • Water level monitor
  • Light monitoring

*requires active Seneye slide

Package includes:

  • Seneye pond device
  • Seneye web server (sws)
  • Seneye dri box
  • Usb power supply
  • Cables
  • Ph and nh3 slide
  • Seneye pond float
  • Quick start guide


  • Temperature in c and f
  • Water level monitoring
  • Nh3 (free ammonia)*
  • pH*
  • Light

*requires Seneye slide

Seneye slide

  • 1500 NH3 readings
  • 1500 pH readings
  • Each slide lasts 30 days
  • No need to calibrate
  • All other functions work even with no slide.


The SWS software works with and web enabled device that has an html5 browser. It is designed to work on all platforms and has an unique and responsive tile interface which allowes for a smooth experience.

System use

With the wi-fi module you can use your SWS up to 300m away from your wireless router. If no wi-fi is available a connection via ethernet cable will be required to your home router. To receive SMS/email alerts an internet connection is required.

Using a modern web browser on any internet device you can view the SWS interface when connected to your home network. The cloud website can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

To use this product you will need a minimum of 2 power sockets available.


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