Oase AquaOxy 2500 Air Pump


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The Oase AquaOxy 2500 provides a robust, reliable air pump for the supply of vital oxygen to ponds up to 25,000 litres.

The AquaOxy 2500 provides powerful, quiet and reliable pond aeration capable of satisfying even the most demanding requirements. Garden ponds stocked with fish and koi in particular, require more oxygen in the water. This helps to keep your fish healthy, even as temperatures rise, and boosts the oxygen-activated microflora, resulting in improved ammonium, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate degradation rates.

The compact dimensions of the Oase AquaOxy 2500 air pump allow it to be situated discreetly near to the pond. The powerful AquaOxy 2500 pond aerator has been designed for year round, outdoor use with a splash proof, IP44 rated, high quality, UV stabilised metal housing to provide protection from the elements. Quiet motor technology ensures reliable and long-term operation whilst delivering a maximum air output of 2500 litres per hour whilst only consuming 40w for energy efficient operation.

Not only will the air pump provide vital dissolved oxygen for wildlife and fish ponds in the warmer months but can also double up as an ice preventer during the colder Winter months.

  • Maximum air output: 2,500LPH
  • Powerful, reliable pond aeration – Perfect oxygen supply of the entire pond
  • Low power consumption – Energy efficient
  • Extremely quiet operation – Special reduced-noise motor technology
  • Outdoor installation possible – IP44 water protection
  • Optimal oxygen supply for pond flora and fauna
  • Robust construction and high-quality UV-stabilised housing
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • 2 Year Guarantee

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