Saki-Hikari Growth Koi Food 15kg


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Saki-Hikari Growth Koi Food provides an exceptional quality daily diet, ideal for promoting outstanding growth and championship form. Saki Hikari Growth Diet contains a specific blend of lipid and other nutritional components to meet the natural omnivorous requirements of Nishikigoi

All Saki Hikari Koi Foods include a strain of Bacillus bacteria called Hikari-Germ. The Hikari-Germ is a good bacteria which, when fed, becomes active in the Koi’s intestinal tract. Saki-Hikari is most effective when used without interruption as an exclusive daily diet. The Hikari-Germ creates beneficial digestive enzymes thereby improving the digestive capacity of Koi. It also also helps support the fish’s own good bacteria, helping prevent a build up of bad bacteria thereby helping build up stronger natural defences. Furthermore, waste that is excreted is highly decomposed by the activity of the bacteria, which helps maintain the quality of water while also reducing the load on the filter, therefore reducing overall pond maintenance.

This is a floating small pellet.

Feed when the water temperature is 16°C or above

Carefully feed the amount your fish will completely consume within a few minutes, based on your water temperature, pond condition and the activity level of your fish.

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Saki Hikari