Aquaking Red Label 25/30 XL Combi Filter


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Revolutionary Water Treatment with the Red Label Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity

Your pond is not just a water feature; it is a living work of art that requires the right care and attention. Do you want to transform your pond into an oasis of clarity, health and beauty? Then the Red Label BASIC Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity is exactly what you need. This is not just a filter system; this is the promise of a lifelong pond experience without worries.

Why the Red Label BASIC Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity?

This impressive filter system goes beyond simple filtration; it offers a complete package of benefits that take your pond to new heights:

  • Versatile Water Treatment: The Red Label combi filter combines a drum filter, moving bed filter and optionally a mat chamber in one compact housing. As a result, it offers both mechanical and biological filtration of top quality.
  • Mechanical Refinement: The drum filter acts as a mechanical pre-filter that removes even the smallest contaminants up to 120 microns from the water flow. Your pond remains crystal clear, regardless of the conditions.
  • Biological Harmony: The moving bed filter within the BASIC combi filter provides biological filtration. Here, bacteria transform harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrate, promoting a healthy ecosystem in your pond.
  • Expansion possibilities: Thanks to the modular design, you can easily customize the system to your specific needs. Add high-quality filter mats or implement a trickle filter for even more biological filtration.

The Benefits in Detail:

  • Compact filtration solution with versatile capabilities.
  • Guarantees crystal clear water by removing fine contaminants.
  • Promotes a healthy pond balance thanks to biological filtration.
  • Easily customizable for custom filtration.

Why the Red Label BASIC Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity is the Best Choice:

This filter system is designed not only for optimal performance, but also for your peace of mind. With an internal flush pump, built-in UVC unit and low water protection, your water quality remains at its best, without constant maintenance.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1550 x 1120 x 995 mm
  • Panel size: 400 x 400 mm
  • Mesh size filter panel: 120 µm
  • Maximum flow: 30,000 liters
  • Maximum pond capacity: 60,000 liters
  • Maximum capacity koi pond: 30,000 liters
  • Inlet: 3x 110 mm
  • Exhaust: 2x 110 mm
  • Flushing Pump: Internal Q800103
  • UVC built-in unit: 40 Watt INOX
  • Air supply: 2x 50 x 300 mm

Including Filter Material:

  • Cassette Red-X filter mats
  • 150 liters Hel-X Biocarrier

Your dream pond is just a few steps away. We understand your desire for quick results, and that is why we guarantee that your Red Label BASIC Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity will be delivered to you within about 15 working days.

Let the Red Label BASIC Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity Work for you!

This filter system allows you to focus on the beauty of your pond, while leaving the heavy work to the Red Label BASIC Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity. Enjoy a carefree pond experience like never before.

Order the Red Label Combi 25/30 XL | Gravity today and experience the difference this advanced filter system can make in your pond!


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