AquaKing Red Label Combi JOY Filter with Media


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Red Label Combi JOY Filter

A combi filter with a very compact construction that is equipped with all conveniences as standard.
The 3 filter rooms are respectively equipped with a drum filter, a moving bed filter and a room that can be filled in with, for example, filter mats. An internal rinsing pump, a built-in UVC unit, air tubes and the 2-year warranty (except for screen panels and UVC replacement parts) complete this topper.

AquaKing Red Label Combi JOY filter is available in both a gravity and pump-fed version.


  • Article code
  • Type
    Combi JOY Filter
  • Gravity or pump-fed versions
  • Size (LxWxH)
    1160 x 892 x 750 mm
  • Max. flow
    20 m3/h
  • Filter panels stainless
    steel 120 micron
  • Panel size
    400 x 400 mm
  • Inlet
    3x 110 mm
  • Output
    1x 110 mm
  • Dirt removal
    1x 110 mm
  • Flush pump
    Built-in Q800103
  • Drive motor
    27 Nm
  • Control cabinet
    Control cabinet BASIC | Ip 65
  • Material
  • UVC
    Built-in 40 Watt STAINLESS STEEL


Pump Fed, Gravitational


Red Label