New For 2024 AquaKing Red Label 35/40 PRO SMILE Combi Filter with Media


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Red Label 35/40 PRO

We would like to introduce you to our latest filter system, the 35/40 PRO Combo filter.

All the advantages of the JOY and HAPPY filter but now for the larger pond size. These filters are standard equipped with a built in UVC unit with an 80 WATT INOX lamp. This unit ensures crystal clear pond water by destroying algae, bacteria and fungi. This means the UV equipment in your pipe system can be eliminated, which promotes optimal flow. Like all Red Label drum filters, the 35/40 Pro combination filter is equipped with the patented drum filter sealing system. A protective cap prevents UV light from affecting the seal of the drum, which ensures a long lifespan. The unique double brush system in the drum filter ensures that the dirt discharge chute is kept clean, making the filter system even more maintenance free.

The filter has a very compact structure and is equipped with all amenities as standard. The 3 filter rooms are respectively equipped with a drum filter, a moving bed filter, and a chamber that can be filled as desired with, for example, filter mats. An internal flushing pump, a built in UVC unit, air tubes and a 2 year warranty complete this Model.

The 35/40 PRO filter is available in both gravity and pump-fed versions.

What is the difference between the 35/40 PRO and our HAPPY and BASIC Combi 25/30 XL?

Difference with HAPPY– Standard built-in unit 80W INOX [inst. 40W] – Larger drum Ø50cm [i.pv. Ø40cm] – 200L Hel-X + 3m² Red-X [i.p.v. 100L HX + 2m² RX] – 4x Airstone 40×210 [instead of 2x]

Difference with BASIC Combi 25/30 XL– Standard built-in unit 80W INOX [inst. 40W] – Larger drum Ø50cm [i.pv. Ø40cm] – 200L Hel-X + 3m² Red-X [i.p.v. 150L HX + 3m² RX] – Partition instead of tubes


Red Label

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