AquaKing Red Label Combi 80/100 XXL with Media


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Red Label Combi 80/100XXL with Media.

These very generously sized combi filters are equipped with Red Label’s patented unique drum filter sealing system.  The filter is standard equipped with a 40 Watt INOX UVC built-in unit, but can also be easily upgraded to an 80 Watt INOX built-in unit.  A protective cover prevents the UV light from acting on the seal of the drum, thus guaranteeing a long life.  The unique double brush system in the drum filter ensures that the dirt discharge channel is kept clean, so that the filter system has become even more maintenance free.

Red Label Combi 80/100XXL filter have a larger space for the biological filter and, in addition to a moving bed filter, are equipped with a spacious matting room.

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  • Article code
  • Type
    BASIC Combi 80/100 XXL
  • Gravity or pump-fed versions
  • Size (LxWxH)
    2760 x 1589 x 1015 mm
  • Max. flow
    100 m3/h
  • Filter panels stainless
    steel 120 micron
  • Panel size
    800 x 650 mm
  • Inlet
    9x 110 mm
  • Output
    4x 110 mm
  • Dirt removal
    2x 110 mm
  • Flush pump
    Built-in PRO Flush pump 5bar
  • Drive motor
    27 Nm
  • Control cabinet
    Control cabinet LUXE | Ip 65
  • Material
  • UVC
    Built-in 40 Watt STAINLESS STEEL

Pump Fed, Gravitational


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