AquaKing Red Label Auto Top Up


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Red Label Auto Top-Up

Automatic water replenishment to assure a constant water level. This is recommended for stable operation of a gravity fed filter system.


  • Controller refill system
  • Magnet valve
  • Power supply 24V
  • Sensor holder
  • Tank/Wall transit

The AquaKing Red Label refill system ensures that the water level in your pond remains constant.

This also ensures optimum and constant operation of your drum filter. A varying low water level results in more frequent flushing of the drum filter. This refill system also simplifies water refreshing. You only need to drain the desired amount of water. The refill system regulates the filling of the water to a desired level.

Sensor placement

Place the stainless steel probe tips on the desired water level of your pond. The ends of the measuring pins must be placed a few millimeters under water.

You can mount the sensor at any point in your pond or filter. By means of the supplied holder you can easily move the sensor to the correct water level.

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Red Label