AquaKing Red Label Drum 30/35


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Red Label Drum 30/35

The Ultimate Innovation in Pond Filtration – Red Label 30/35 Drum Gravity Fed.

Imagine: a pond that is always clear and clean, without hours of maintenance. This is not a dream, but reality with the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity, a groundbreaking drum filter system that takes your pond to a higher level. Let me take you into the world of this advanced pond filtration, in which your pond water is always crystal clear.

Why the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity is the Best for Your Pond:

Amazing Filtration Quality: The secret behind the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity is its unparalleled filtration quality. This powerful drum filter can remove dirt particles up to 70 microns from your pond water, thanks to the fine mesh filter panel of 120 µm. This results in water so clear that you will hardly believe there are fish swimming in it.

Automatic Cleaning: One of the most notable features of the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity is the built-in automatic cleaning system. This system detects when cleaning is necessary and carries out the cleaning fully automatically. This means you spend less time maintaining your pond and more time enjoying it.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Results: The Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity makes pond management easier than ever. The interplay of automatic cleaning and reduced maintenance ensures that your pond is at its best with minimal effort on your part.

Versatility in Configuration: Whether you have a gravity or pump-fed pond system, the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity adapts to your configuration without any problems. This gives you the freedom to manage your pond in your own way.

Unique Features of the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity:

Protective Sealing System: The new patented sealing system protects the drum’s seal against harmful UV rays, which significantly extends its lifespan.

Double Brush System: This innovative system keeps the dirt discharge chute clean, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Rinsing pump and UVC built-in unit: The Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity is equipped with an internal rinse pump and a powerful 40 Watt INOX UVC built-in unit, which increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Generous Capacity: This filter is suitable for ponds up to 35,000 liters. Even in koi ponds with a maximum capacity of 20,000 liters, this filter delivers top performance.

Inlet and Outlet Options: The Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity features 3 x 110mm inlets and 3 x 110mm outlets , providing flexible installation options.

Let the Red Label BASIC Drum Gravity transform your pond experience and optimize water quality. Enjoy the clarity of your pond without the hassle of extensive maintenance.

This is your chance to invest in the future of pond filtration – Order now and experience the difference!

  • Size (LxWxH)
    1062 x 700 x 685 mm
  • Max. flow
    35m3/h –
  • Screens INOX
    120 micron
  • Panel size
    Diameter 400 x 500 mm
  • Inlet
    3 x 110 mm
  • Outlet
    3 x 110 mm
  • Waste drain
    1 x 110 mm
  • Spraypump
    Built-in Q800103
  • Gear Motor
    27 Nm
  • Controlbox
    Controlbox BASIC | IP 65
  • Material
  • UVC
    Built-in 40 Watt INOX

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