Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic System for Pump Fed Set Up

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The NEW Nexus Automatic System waves goodbye to manual switch pumps and ball valve turning, with an innovative cleaning system that operates automatically using the brand’s cutting-edge technology and expert design engineering. The Automatic Cleaning System from Nexus is developed for the 320/220 or 310/210 filters manufactured after 2006 installed on PUMP FED set-ups only

The key processes of the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System comprise of its easily fitting design which provides effortless installing onto the Nexus Filter, and an electronic control box which automatically operates all of the valves and pumps for you! The Nexus Automatic Cleaning system also features adjustable timers which control the frequency of the cleaning cycle to suit your very own needs, and also offers a manual cleaning cycle at the touch of a button if needed.

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