Evolution Aqua Eazypod Air Complete


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The Eazy Pod from Evolution Aqua is an easy to use and easy to clean filter for garden ponds and koi ponds up to 10, 000 litres. Utilizing the static K1 media, the filter offers enhanced biological benefits and can be used solely as a mechanical waste filter.

The Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Filter Complete is supplied with the Air Pump 70 with a max flow rate of 10, 000 litres per hour and provides effortless mechanical and biological filtration with a quick and easy cleaning cycle. The filter is also ideal for use in a quarantine system, as a pre-filter, a polisher or on a skimmer line.

Water from the pond enters the Eazy Pod via the inlet, the water then flows around the circumference of the Eazy pod and through the stainless steel grill which filters many of the larger solids out. The K1 media then helps trap the fine smaller particles, of which a bio-film builds up onto this media helping the super efficient bioligcal filtration take place. The clean water then flows back into the pond.

EazyPod Complete can only be installed on PUMP FED set-ups.

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