Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-M Gravity


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The Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact – Gravity Fed EGC is a high performing compact drum filter suitable for ponds up to 88,000 litres, 44,000 litres with fish stock and 22,000 litres with Koi. This gravity-fed filter is designed to be installed 10.5cm above your pond’s water level offers optimum flow rates of up to 16,500lph. As this is a gravity-fed filter, getting the right setup is essential to ensuring you reach the minimum flow rate needed to operate the ProfiClear module.

The ProfiClear Premium Compact offers filtration with a very fast maturing high surface area biological filter all in one compact package. The extremely efficient deep-bed drum section automatically removes all but the finest particles, up to 60 microns minimising cleaning on the biological stage thus protecting its essential bacterial colony. Further to this easy-clean tools are provided with a separate drain valve to make cleaning as easy as possible.

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